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Mold IAQ Consultation Remediation Certifications | NJ

‘Safe At Home’ takes pride in its experience, ongoing education, and a long list of Mold & Mycotoxin IAQ Extraction/Remediation Certifications. We offer property owners the kind of licensing and certification they deserve when it comes time to test, remove, remediate, and/or sanitize their property of or for Mold and Mycotoxin IAQ. What follows is our commitment to making your home or your property safe:

  • NORMI Certified CMI #12055
  • NJ State License # 13VHO1125800
  • RESPIRARE Licensed Mycotoxin Assessor & Remediator
  • REAL-TIME LABS Certified Mycotoxin Tester
  • NORMI Certified Remediator for Sensitized Individuals
  • GOLDMORR Licensed Contractor
  • EPA/ESO Universal License (HVAC) # 1526276
  • EPA Lead Inspector & RRP #R-1-75920-13
  • EPA Lead Firm NAT-F170495-1
  • InterNACHI Certified
  • IAC2 Certified Mold Consultant
  • NY Licensed Mold Remediator. #MR00972
  • NY Licensed Mold Assessor #MA01158
  • Florida Licensed Mold Assessor # MRSA267
  • Certified Ozone and Hydroxyl Remediation Contractor
International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants
EPA Lead Safe
Indoor Air Quality Association
National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors
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Ozone & Hydroxyl Remediation Course (COHR)

Why Us? | Mold & Mycotoxin IAQ Consultant

‘Safe At Home’ offers unbiased and experienced mold, mycotoxin & IAQ consultation & remediation certifications that can not only assure you of the proper knowledge but also service without any conflict of interest. When looking for a certified IAQ and mold & mycotoxin testing company to evaluate your home, property, or business for potential indoor mold growth or any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it is important to use someone that knows both the assessment and sanitization process.

Having completed thousands of home assessments, testings, sanitizations and remediations ‘Safe At Home’ is your indoor air pollution solution service company. Call us today and start breathing better tomorrow!

Rich Romano
Safe At Home
Indoor Environmental Professional
Licensed Assessor / Licensed Remediator
NORMI Certified – IAC2 Certified
Mycotoxin Certified – EPA Certified