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What Causes Mold? | Mold & IAQ Consultant | Mold Removal | NJ

mold remediation bergen county njTaking a moment to understand how or what causes mold to grow in your NJ home or a property can help you catch a potential problem. At least, it can help before a problem becomes serious. By getting informed, you may avoid the kinds of contamination that lead to sickness and/or a need for sanitization. Mold spreads or grows itself by releasing microscopic airborne spores from somewhere outside. If they land in wet places inside the home then that will enable it to grow.

What it needs is the spread of the mold spores mentioned above, which are invisible. It also needs exposure to a wet surface for some time; the surface being a form of food, and then lots of oxygen. The surface it finds cannot be exposed to sunlight, so it’s likely to form in a home’s dark places. Maybe a basement, inside a wall or a cabinet, or up in the attic. And then warm temperatures also support its’ success.

Examples Of Where Mold Might Thrive | Mold Remediation NJ

Outside a home, mold is most likely to form where there is constant moisture. Maybe it is a leaking air conditioner, poorly constructed gutters, water coming in through the foundation, or poorly sealed building materials such as wood or stucco. Having too much plant life up against a home might be a cause. In the kitchen, maybe plumbing or pipes, a sink or a dishwasher is poorly contained. Poor ventilation or air circulation is a potential issue in the kitchen, or in any area of the house. In bathrooms, one must be careful about prolonged wet surfaces after showering or taking a bath – dry those up when finished! In basements, it might be soil near a foundation, cracks in the foundation, or a high water table. The attic might have a hidden leak, maybe out or inside the roofing tiles, poor insulation, or ice damming. In the average home, there is any number of places that mold can get itself situated.

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Having completed over 1,500 home inspections and hundreds of home improvement projects over the course of 25 years, ‘Safe At Home’ is your indoor air pollution solution for both mold inspection and remediation services. We are proudly based in Hewitt NJ and cover a broad surrounding area of NJ including Passaic County, Bergen County, and beyond.

As a result of our experience, constant education, training, and certification we are the most highly qualified NJ Mold & IAQ experts! And our certifications come strictly from the leading industry associations and experts – see our qualifications here. We are Licensed, Insured and only the most advanced testing equipment, certifications, education, and experience are what you can expect from ‘Safe At Home’.

Our Certified Mold Inspection and Removal services cover every at-risk area of your home, including basementsatticskitchens, bathrooms, crawlspaces, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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