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Mold Sanitization NJ | Protocol for Prevention & Maintenance

mold remediation passaic & bergen county njSafe At Home offers complete home sanitization services, mold, mycotoxin allergen and VOC assessments. Do you need a certified NJ mold removal | remediation company right now? Give us a call at (201) 675-8841 and our highly qualified mold testing, sanitization & remediation team will begin the process of assessing your mold issues. Based in Hewitt, NJ – we serve all areas of NJ.

It is important to note that when a sanitization or remediation is done, maintenance must be carried on or microbials will return. We are dedicated to the health of your home, which is why ‘Safe At Home’ offers the education, the certifications, and the experience you deserve.

Mold Sanitization Protocol

The following is our detailed list for a proper mold sanitization protocol. All services can be performed by ‘Safe at Home’. Keep in mind that wearing a dust mask when cleaning greatly helps with the prevention of breathing in mold spores and dust (N95 or better).

1) Regularly HEPA vacuum all surfaces then wipe down surfaces using an antimicrobial
solution. Even above doors and door frames, above and behind freestanding closets and
furniture, behind and under refrigerators, vents, window frames and screens, etc.

2) Install an air purifier in the home and install a NON-OZONE UV system along with a
quality HVAC filter into the HVAC units to maintain good indoor air quality. It is important
that you consult with an IAQ Specialist.

Change the air conditioning filter regularly. Check every month, change if needed.
Perform scheduled maintenance on your air conditioning system, including cleaning the
evaporator coil and motor. If possible, pour a small amount of bleach in the drip pan of the air conditioning air handler
to decrease the potential for mold and bacteria growth.

3) Install a properly sized Dehumidifier in the basement and keep the humidity lower than
50%. Clean unit and filter monthly.

4) HEPA vacuum basement floor joists and sub flooring along with all utilities on a regular
basis. (Every season)

5) Check all areas for plumbing leaks and water infiltration. Repair leaks ASAP and dry
area. Wipe down any moisture and/or spillage throughout the house.

6) Use exhaust fans when showering. Leave exhaust fans on long enough to remove
moisture from the room. Usually, 15 to 20 minutes.

7) Wipe down bathroom walls and fixtures after showering. Antimicrobial cleaners,
hydrogen peroxide and non-VOC products help with stopping mold colonization.

8) Avoid excessive amounts of indoor plants. Clean indoor plants with a small amount of
hydrogen peroxide, spray mist on roots and leaves to keep mold spores at a minimum.

9) Wipe down windows and sills if moisture is present.

10) Open blinds/curtains to allow light into premises.

11) Sanitize tile and grout. Grout seal or better yet color seal porous grout. (Safe At Home has a process to color seal grout that will amaze you)

12) Have the HVAC coil and motor cleaned and sanitized yearly. (Already mentioned at # 2)

13) Have carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned and sanitized yearly.

14) Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture at least once a week.

15) Service all drains with a drain cleaning enzyme each month to prevent microbials such
as bacterial and fungal growth. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is a pretty good
option. Also cleaning shower heads, around sink stoppers and tile if a pink film is found and
prevent a bacteria called Serratia marcescens.

16) Install a dehumidifier in the garage if a humidity problem exists.

17) Attic fan on a thermostat to create airflow and remove mold spores.

18) Have yearly inspections done by a qualified, certified, and licensed indoor air quality

19) Consider entire home OZONE or OZONE shock treatments by a certified only

20) Keep exterior of house cleaned and soft washed using fungicide products to help
prevent microbials from clinging and sporing.

Why Choose ‘Safe At Home’? | Use A Mold Sanitization & Removal Expert

mold removal nj‘Safe At Home’ will go to great lengths to help their client understand what is there, what is not there, and then what is necessary. The process of mold remediation is not fully regulated by the law, which means that it is important to seek out educated, certified, and experienced mold testing, sanitization, and/or remediation experts! Please review our certifications and education and do not hesitate to ask us any questions! If you are ready to talk, call now 201-675-8841, or you can send us questions via our contact page here.

Having completed over 1,500 home inspections and hundreds of home improvement projects over the course of 25 years, ‘Safe At Home’, based in Hewitt NJ, is your NJ indoor air pollution solution for both mold inspections, remediation, and sanitization services. As a result of that experience, constant education, training, and certification we are the most highly qualified NJ Mold & IAQ experts! And our certifications come strictly from the leading industry associations and experts – see our qualifications here. We are Licensed, Insured and only the most advanced testing equipment, certifications, education, and experience are what you can expect from ‘Safe At Home’.

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