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Certified Black Mold Remediation Removal NJ

Black Mold: Avoid, But Not Deadly!

Certified Black Mold Removal Remediation NJ
Black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum has a toxic reputation, and, while those people with asthma, immunity suppression, or other respiratory problems are most at risk for suffering from it, it is unlikely that one will die from it. Understanding this, one should act quickly if it has entered the home. For those most susceptible to it, symptoms that might tip one off to its existence locally include a stuffy nose, some wheezing, skin, and/or eye irritation. If there has been some longer-term exposure, those symptoms might get to a fever, shortness of breath, and/or even nausea.

The good news is that it is not only treatable, but routinely removable, and also future-preventable!

How Does Black Mold Get In?

Black mold spores can enter a property via air currents, a person’s clothes, or a pet’s fur; however, for the spores to take hold, they need to find water. It’s why this is going to be around a plumbing area issue, maybe near leaky pipes and/or those places in a home that are water-damaged. Believe it or not, carpeting, drywall, and/or gypsum board can and will soak up water, so those are common places to find black mold. When you find water damage, be sure to remove the affected materials and prevent them from growing.

Black Mold Removal or Remediation

In many cases, a person can remove this type of mold on their own; however, if that black mold has applied itself to over 10 square feet, it is best to consult with a licensed professional. When in commercial spaces like offices, schools, or retail environments, it is certainly time to bring in a professional. Not only is ‘Safe At Home’ fully licensed and certified, but we are as experienced with the situation in Passaic County, Bergen County, and/or the surrounding NJ counties and towns as you will find.

Why Choose ‘Safe At Home’? | Mold Sanitization & Remediation

Having completed over 1,500 home consultations and hundreds of home improvement projects over the course of 25 years, ‘Safe At Home’ is your NJ indoor air pollution solution for basement mold inspection, sanitization, and remediation services. As a result of that experience, constant education, training, and certification, we are the most highly qualified NJ Mold & IAQ experts! And our certifications come strictly from the leading industry associations and experts – see our qualifications here. We are Licensed, Insured and only the most advanced testing equipment, certifications, education, and experience are what you can expect from ‘Safe At Home.’

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