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What Is Mold? | Mold & IAQ Consultant | Mold Removal | NJ

certified mold inspection passaic county njMold, or mildew, is something that develops on wet materials. It is natural in our environment, for instance, the breaking down of dead leaves or branches. When mold is indoors, this is a potential problem. Mold reproduces in tiny spores, mostly invisible to the eye, that can float in the air and then also cling to surfaces. There are various types of mold, but all require moisture to grow. And while it is common in the household, when in larger amounts mold can result in allergic reactions and respiratory disease in humans. This is why it is so crucial to consider a certified mold inspection and sanitization services for your Passiac or Bergen County NJ home.

When or Where is Mold Hidden?

Mold is typically exposed by smell or visible water damage on walls or ceiling; however, it can also be invisible to the human eye. It may thrive behind paneling, on the back of drywall, or under carpeting. Piping inside a wall can also be a source of mold, especially because pipes can sometimes leak. A food source for mold can be wood, cardboard, the paper-facing part of drywall, and then also organics like soap. In a home or structure, moisture can form in a basement or a crawl space, in a leaking roof, or on plumbing pipes. And Mold grows easiest in warmer temperatures, about 77 to 86 °F, but there is also an argument that it can occur anywhere from 32 and 90 °F.

Why Choose ‘Safe At Home’ For Your Mold Issue? | IAQ Consultant & Mold Remediation NJ

Having completed over 1,500 home inspections and hundreds of home improvement projects over the course of 25 years, ‘Safe At Home’ is your indoor air pollution solution for both mold inspection and remediation services. We are proudly based in Hewitt NJ and cover a broad surrounding area of NJ including Passaic County, Bergen County, and beyond.

As a result of our experience, constant education, training, and certification we are the most highly qualified NJ Mold & IAQ experts! And our certifications come strictly from the leading industry associations and experts – see our qualifications here. We are Licensed, Insured and only the most advanced testing equipment, certifications, education, and experience are what you can expect from ‘Safe At Home’.

Our Certified Mold Inspection and Removal services cover every at-risk area of your home, including basementsatticskitchens, bathrooms, crawlspaces, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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Safe At Home
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NORMI Certified – IAC2 Certified
Mycotoxin Certified – EPA Certified
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